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New Gastown Office Building; Vancouver's Cheapest Home

Here now, this week's top stories from our friends over at Curbed Vancouver:

RETAIL WIRE: Dollar Tree gets the boot as Concord Pacific makes way for more luxury retail at the Carlyle development on Thurlow Street. The internets are swirling with speculation of who the next might be. Check out the predictions, this way.

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Century Group is building Gastown's first new office building in decades. Worry not, preservationists, the façade of 151 West Hastings Street will be restored and will remain in place behind that new office building. Come check out the details, right this way.

NEW TO MARKET: Vancouver's cheapest detached home hit the market this week at a mind boggling $599K. What's even more mind boggling is that it's not hideous. Check out this Clark Drive renovated craftsman house that may fit into an average person's budget.

PRICECHOPPER: Why won't this lovely Kitsilano re-build sell? After dropping the list price by over $200K, the owners are hoping to finally unload this dreamy Westside home.