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Gastown Shop Hop; Portlandiapalooza

Photo via Maenam

GASTOWN— The Gastown Shop Hop is back with an evening of food, music and shopping. Participating venues will be decorated with balloons; stop by and get your spend on and you'll be rewarded with dining vouchers which you can redeem at any of the 15 restaurants who are Shop-Hopping too, including Bambudda, Nicli Antica and Clough Club. [Eaterwire]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY— Vancouver Magazine's Taste the City contest is currently running and offering a chance to win $100 vouchers to eleven restaurants in the city including MARKET By Jean-Georges, Via Tevere and the Blackbird. [Eaterwire]

GRANDVIEW WOODLANDS— Binge-watch your way through three seasons of Portlandia; accompanied by pickles, popcorn, birds on things and the finest artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches along with a cinema full of other fans at the Rio on April 13 from 1p.m. A thirst-quenching selection of Portland's craft beer will be on offer from Copper & Theory—plus a Skype Q&A with Fred Armisen. Tickets for Portlandiapalooza are $13 or $15 on the door.