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IK2GO Closes to Make Way for Il Giardino 2.0

In a decidedly neighbourly gesture, Glowbal's IK2GO on Hornby has shuttered to make way for Umberto Menghi's Il Giardino to re-open. This was rumoured three months ago, but Business in Vancouver has the scoop, reporting that Glowbal's Emad Yacoub has sold the commercial strata unit to Menghi:

Both Menghi and ... Yacoub are waiting for a meeting May 15, when the site's strata council will vote to confirm that it will authorize building envelope work to commence at the site before the end of May. "That will protect Umberto," Yacoub explained. "He's going to spend a lot of money on making a beautiful Il Giardino patio. He doesn't want them to come along afterward and say, 'OK, now we have to rip out everything you have done.
BiV also reports that Glowbal are putting in an offer on a new location on West 4th, that is, of course, in addition to the Trattoria that's already on West 4th, the new Trattoria Park Royal location that's opening in a few weeks and the 7,000 sq foot Trattoria in Burnaby.
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