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Bosa Teams Up With SPUD; When Sexy Building Attack

Here's the latest neighbourhood and real estate intel from our friends over at Curbed Vancouver:

Developer Bosa Properties has teamed up with Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (better known as SPUD) to provide access to a purpose built temperature controlled room in condo towers. The facility will be appropriately named BosaFresh.

The roof of a Granville Street sex shop, XXX Adult Store, partially collapsed onto Helmcken Street. Thankfully, the damage was limited to the exterior of the building so here's hoping no 25 cent peep shows were interrupted.

ON THE MARKET: Check out this massive Victoria estate in Oak Bay which has a lovely expansive garden and was designed by the family who founded Victoria's own Butchart Gardens.

UNDER $500K CLUB: Here's a Union Street 1BR suite we found listed at just $388,000. There's even a spacious patio that appears semi-private.