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Spot Prawn Season Closing Soon; Victoria Hosts Foodie Film Festival at Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Photo via Campagnolo ROMA/Julia Austine

CHINATOWN — Mamie Taylor's has been granted extended hours of service and will be launching a new 'night owl' menu on Friday and Saturday nights until 1a.m. The late-night menu includes Mamie's fried chicken and share plates like scotch egg turducken and espellette pimento cheese cannoli. [EW]

VICTORIA — The Oak Bay Beach hotel is running a Foodie Film Fest in association with the Victoria Film Festival from Friday June 20-22 with five films paired with cooking demonstrations and winery tastings. Films include Hey Bartender, The Organic Life and Jadoo: Kings of Curry. [EW]

ALL ACROSS THE CITY — A reminder that all good things must come to an end. The Spot Prawn season closes for another year on Monday June 16. Eat your fill and fill your freezer. [EW]