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Shawn Soole and Little Jumbo On TOTC Shortlist

Huge congratulations for Shawn Soole and his team at Little Jumbo in Victoria for being honoured with a brace of nominations for the Tales of the Cocktail's Spirited Awards. Shawn emailed Eater to say:

Being in the Top 10 for the International Best New Cocktail Bar was another feather in our cap. It goes to show that a restaurant can have an internationally acclaimed cocktail program along with a award winning wine list (Silver Medal & Best New Entry, Vancouver Wine List Awards) and still have a high volume quality food that we produce.
As for the book, I actually missed it on the top 10 list and was shocked when we got the Top 4 spot. It puts some weight behind this little book that Nate and I wrote about our little culture.
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