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Chef Matthew Stowe: Top Chef Canada Has Done Amazing Things for Chefs in This Country

News broke on Friday night that the Food Network had cancelled Top Chef Canada. We spoke to season three winner, chef Matthew Stowe to get his reaction.
What did it mean to win?
To be honest it was a huge relief.  I put a lot of pressure on myself and I always knew I had a good chance of winning if I was able to stick to my game plan and execute. When Lisa announced that I had won I remember feeling like I could breathe again. It was a huge thrill for me and my family, especially when Amber and my son Gavin came out.
Did you still watch the show?

I definitely still watched this last season, Terry Salmond who was the runner-up worked for me at Sonora so I was tuning in to see how he did. I would've watched regardless though; after going through the process it's fun to see how other chefs react to certain situations. I'm a huge fan of the show.

How do you think it changed over the seasons?
I think the production team got more creative with the challenges. Our season (season 3) didn't have any elimination challenges inside the GE Monogram kitchen. We were always out in crazy environments like the zoo, on the tarmac or at a roller derby rink. I think as the show grew in popularity the guest judges they were able to bring on had bigger profiles as well.

How do you feel about it ending-what does this mean to other young chefs?
I was very disappointed to hear that the show was ending. It has done amazing things for young chefs in this country and it was a great stage for us to show our commitment to this craft and our talents. I think it raised the profile of food across the country and what this generation of chefs are capable of. Canada is obviously young as a country and it doesn't have a rich food history like an Italy, France or Spain. However the products that this country is producing is world class and the chefs that we have across the nation are really celebrating that.
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