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Opening This Weekend: Crackle Creme Dessert Cafe

Coming this weekend to 245 Union Street, Daniel Wong is opening a gourmet dessert cafe, Crackle Creme (pronounced Crack LE Creme). We spoke to Wong as he prepared for opening.

How are you feeling?
There's a lot of hype around it; I've been renovating myself so people have been walking past and asked what I'm doing, people are definitely interested, but I'm very nervous! I've never done this before and it's just me doing everything.

What's your background?
I used to be an automotive painter, I'd never cooked before, but I wasn't happy, kept changing jobs and last year I decided to go to culinary school. I love to eat, sweet stuff especially - and I'm not a school books kind of guy but I am good with hands-on things. I decided to try culinary school thinking that if I didn't like it at least I'd learn to cook for myself, but I loved it; my parents were bakers - a Chinese bakery - and they're happy I'm doing this. I hope they're proud.

What's on the menu?
I'm going to be doing crème brûlée and liège waffles - the authentic style - they're slower to cook and if they're done right you don't taste the yeast. You need the waffle iron so hot it caramlises the sugar so you have a crisp outside and chewy inside. I'm going to do five flavours of brûlée to start; vanilla bean, Baileys, matcha, something fruity and a dark chocolate. Then I'll switch up flavours so people have something to look forward to. When I have time, I'll do small baked goods too.

What are your opening hours?
I think probably about 11a.m. till 10p.m. I like to hop around and try different places to eat when I'm out; an entree here, a snack there and I want to be people's dessert stop! I'll be lending out picnic blankets too so people can go to the park and eat dessert on the grass. We've got a tiny little patio space too.
· Crackle Creme [Official Site]