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Team Wildebeest's Pizzeria Bufala Opening Tonight in Kerrisdale

[Photo via Facebook/James Iranzad]

Just two weeks shy of its announced June 1 opening date, Team Wildebeest's new Kerrisdale venture Pizzeria Bufala will open its doors for business for "...a very soft open tonight and tomorrow - and just dinners."
Expect a killer cocktail programme from Josh Pape and non-certified Neapolitan-style pizzas on the menu. According to co-owner, James Iranzad, Pizza Bufala will be closed Sunday "...for a rest and some papa time and then hopefully open for lunch & dinner from Monday onwards."
Watch this space for confirmation of that next week.
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120 West Hastings Street, , BC V6B 1G8 (604) 687-6880 Visit Website