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Chambar Line Cooks: Why Not Get Sensitive While We Artfully Prep Our Sexy Food?

Want to see someone get fired up? Ask them about their taste in food or music. So why not combine the two? In a regular feature we go behind the scenes to find out what chefs in the city listen to before and after their restaurants open for service. This week, the line at Chambar discuss their musical choices. Get a taste of what it's like in the Chambar kitchen with a blast of Snoop Lion.

"Different cooks dominate the radio different days. If the French guys get there first, it'll be French rap all day long. Artists such as "I am" and "Akhenaton" will get our brioche cut double fast.

"We obviously have our guys from Ontario listening to stuff like Cake, Five Finger Death Punch, and Between Buried in Me, and of course, One Last Shot."

"Every kitchen nowadays has its fair share of hipsters, so; The National, Mumford and Sons, Tallest Man on Earth, and all other mellow happy stuff gets some play. Why not get sensitive while we artfully prep our sexy food?"

"Every fourth night the Germans get their way and we get crazy progressive, Paul Kallbrmner and the Mouse Men. You can never get too progressive. Never."

"Gangster rap really gets the blood flowing before service, but sometimes we really just need to mellow out with some "fruit juice" by Snoop Lion and some "espresso" by Fresh Espresso."

"Pastry is CBC all the way, they keep us informed with current world affairs."

"Oh, and our Albertans love Nickelback but we keep that in check".
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