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Jamie Oliver To Open Restaurant in Vancouver

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Everyone's favourite crusading British chef, Jamie Oliver is to partner with King Street Food to open a Toronto restaurant in 2015, and, according to a report in the Vancouver Sun, shortly afterwards will open in Vancouver :

Peter Tsebelis, one of King Street's founders, confirmed that Oliver will open a Jamie's Italian in Vancouver, adding that the world-renowned chef has said he admires the healthy food culture and talented chefs of the region.
"I can't say when it will happen, but Vancouver is definitely part of the plan," said Tsebelis. Shortly after Jamie's Italian opens in Toronto, Oliver and King Street will expand with a couple more in southern Ontario and then one in Vancouver, he said.

With restaurants in the UK and eight other international destinations including Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore, the Jamie's Italiansignatures of a simple and fresh menu and relaxed atmosphere is sure to charm Canadian diners who already flock to casual dining spots like Cactus Club and Earls.

Speaking of the launch, Jamie Oliver said, "Canada is a place very close to my heart. I'm always excited about spending time there,​ and whenever ​I visit, ​I always get​ an amazing​ welcome. It's going to be epic!"
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