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Crazy-Sexy Trattoria for Stainsby; Gill Smitten by Merchant's; Brews and Bites for Levykh

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<a href="">Photo via BierCraft</a>
Photo via BierCraft

Alexandra Gill declares herself 'smitten' with Eater Heatmap residents Merchant's Oyster Bar this week, declaring that "Here was a chef who... understands the alchemy of filling in the flavour gaps and elevating each pairing to a sum that is more vibrant than its individual parts. Bravo." It's basically a rave apart from an "overly fatty pork shoulder" and an "austere spring onion salad."

Mia Stainsby checks out the new Trattoria at Park Royal in the Vancouver Sun, declaring the pizza "flawless" with a "rustic, voluptuous crust" however pasta is less appealing, a first try finds it "overcooked and the sauce didn't cling... leaving the noodles naked" a second visit turned up a "crazy sexy" truffled spaghetti with meatballs. Desserts "didn't warrant the extra calories."

Over at the Westender, Anya Levykh rounds up bars where you'll find bites as good as the brews, offering praise for Portland Craft's lemon-butter green beans which are "slightly peppery and finger-sucking good", raving over Craft Beer Market's mac & cheese "a thing of wonder" and the "straightforward bistro fare" of BierCraft.
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