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Top Chef Canada Canned

In a low profile announcement after 6p.m. last Friday on Twitter, Top Chef Canada tweeted that it was "...packing up its knives." Shaw Media's VP of Original Content Christine Shipton said in a press statement:

'Top Chef Canada' was a huge series for Food Network and ushered in a new level of Canadian production we hadn't previously done for the channel. We watch audience trends very closely and, after four years, our audiences are telling us they're hungry for new programs. We are in a world where the audience demand and choices are the key to our continued success. We need to stay ahead of the trends, be where their preferences are heading.
After a season which saw chefs and viewers alike, protesting the hopelessly old-fashioned controversial 'Battle of the Sexes' concept hopefully we've seen the last of men vs women in the kitchen TV shows.
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