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Chef Ned Bell Chefs for Oceans Diary Week 3

On July 1st Four Seasons YEW Seafood Restaurant and Bar's chef Ned Bell set off to cycle across Canada. He'll be keeping us posted with his journey from the road for the full eleven weeks. Here now, the third of his diary entries.

July 8 2014:
Week 1 was incredible. Newfoundland was incredible; from start to finish, the island, the people, the experience was just extraordinary. The CFO team got the full meal deal of weather: sunshine, heat and humidity followed by crazy wind, reaching 70 km, lots of rain, and then the end of a hurricane which turned out to be a tropical storm. It was nuts.

ned1100714.jpgWe met some amazing chefs, saw icebergs, whales & national parks, ate some amazing seafood - cod cakes, cod tongues, capelin - and rode 900 km. it was a busy week. This week is all about Cape Breton and Nova Scotia, our next event in Halifax will be a special one, a "dock n' dine" with some new and old friends. We started today with a huge ride, we ended up travelling 100 km on the Cabot Trail with a punishing journey travelling the 3 peaks, 12-15% grades and switchbacks.

It was the toughest ride yet. I was however surrounded all day by lobster fishermen out working the lines, pulling the traps, sorting the lbs. It was inspirational to watch such a hard-working crew of men and women doing what they do, day in day out, year after year. This year, like many other years, has been tough for them, costs for fuel and gear is up, prices for their catch is down - way down. And it gives me pause to remember one of the many things I hold dear - the relationships I have with my fisherman. They have families, they support communities, regions and the provinces they call home. We need to pay the price for their catch that they deserve. A fair price. One that allows them to run and nurture a well managed fishery. Let's call it taking care of today, so we can take care of tomorrow. I call it respecting the past, present and future. Their history.

ned080714.pngAfter my ride, we ate the best lobster sandwich I have ever had from the Wreck Cove General Store on the Cabot Trail. Ever. It was simple. Wonderful bread, mayo, butter, salt, pepper and perfectly cooked lobster. I want to eat it again. You need to eat it.
Follow Ned's Journey at #chefsforoceans and via @Nedbell on Twitter. See you on the road.
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