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Mouth numbing and addictive: Nicli Next Door's Chef Keev Mah on Xinjiang Skewers

Keev Mah chef, Nicli's Next Door: My favourite meat on a stick is Xinjiang lamb skewers, they originated from the minority Chinese Uyghur people. Imagine charred lamb with a crispy coating of tasty aromatic spices and moist, lush soft interior. They are mouth numbing and addictive. Xinjiang cuisine is very popular in China, as it pairs really well with baijiu (rice whiskey). The lamb skewer in particular is pieces of lamb meat, separated by small pieces of fat. When cooked on high heat, the fat melts intensifying the flavor and texture. It is the perfect pairing with a nice cold Pilsner. The most popular and authentic rendition at the moment is with chef James at the Richmond night market.
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