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Levykh Declares Tacos Vancouver's New Sushi; Gill Enjoys Fat Badger; Stainsby Crazy For Pazzo Chow

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Photo via The Fat Badger

An oddly truncated review from Alexandra Gill this week who checks out the Fat Badger, calling it "an exemplary gastro-pub that channels the chef's British heritage." Salads "reflect the relatively new lightness and brightness found in English cuisine" black pudding on toast is "pan-seared to a crispy crust and larded up with silky pork fat" scoring an overall 2.5/4.

Mia Stainsby heads to Pazza Chow and finds 'laughs and a side of pasta' like nonna used to make. Salads are "full-bodied and fresh," a pasta with a lemon cream sauce, shrimps and watercress was "luscious" but the crust of a flatbread "disappointing" however, save room for desserts with ice cream from Brown Paper Package or try an affogato.

Anya Levykh visits the Tacofino commissary and declares "tacos have become the sushi of Vancouver" recommending a "stellar yam tempura with avocado, large bonito flakes and a plum-vinegar soy dressing" variety. A lunchtime torta fails to impress, "it lacked the sweetness and acidity that is typical of al pastor... (and) lay heavily in the mouth" but dinner brings more cheer. A grilled octopus salad with crispy yucca fries was "lovely" and the "milk and cookies," served with horchata is "outstanding and worth repeat visits."
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