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Endeavor Snowboards Aprons For Gloves Cafe Fundraiser

Photo CafeYVR

Tomorrow is the last day of Endeavor Snowboards pop-up cafe. They are raising money for Aprons for Gloves and open from 8:30AM - 2PM at 439 Railway St. Our Coffee correspondent, Cafe YVR explains: "Since there are some big coffee fans in the office, Endeavor has always had their own espresso machine, and they also happened to be good friends with the founder of Portland's Heart Coffee Roasters Wille Yli-Luoma who was happy to help the fundraising effort. The pop-up cafe is using Heart's Stereo Seasonal Blend and prepared on their Nuova Simonelli MAC 2000. And with a few Kiwis on staff at Endeavor the coffee menu paid homage to their favourite New Zealand cafes with flat whites and long blacks on the menu (they also have lattes and espressos)." Stop by tomorrow and give the fundraiser one last push.
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