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Tender Times for Gill at My Shanti; Levkyh's Must-Eat Victoria; Stainsby Delighted By Fat Badger

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Alexandra Gill heads to My Shanti in South Surrey this week and declares Vikram Vij's new restaurant is a "singular creation inside and out." Chapatti squid is "incredibly tender... and perfectly balanced with mouth-puckering tamarind, bitter curry leaves and sweet spikes of jaggery (cane) sugar." The "seamless service... excels on all fronts" and a Bangalore goat curry is "meltingly tender... ratcheted up with whole red chillies" awarding it a stellar 3.5/4.

It's Mia Stainsby's turn at the Fat Badger this week which scores 3.5/5 for making her feel she's been 'kidnapped and transported to a British gastro pub'. Stainsby loved the black pudding which she calls " a delight. ..light, airy and topped with a perfect poached egg (which erupts into a sauce) and watercress." But finds some "meh moments" with a too-salty cheddar cheese fritter and a "leathery" Welsh rarebit.

Anya Levykh picks out three must-visit restaurants in Victoria, firstly, Hanks Unconventional Barbecue which is "full of meaty, smoky goodness" with "authentic, moist and delightfully buttery" cornbread and "fantastic" pulled pork. Then Camille's which boasts a "lovely seafood bisque brightened with lemon and ginger, and served with a long spiced cracker topper with spot prawns, scallops and trout roe." And finally Ulla where a whipped tuna belly snack is a "revelatory experience" and a summer vegetable salad "a poem on a plate".
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