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Canadian Bartenders Rally Support for Grant Sceney

The Canadian bartender community from coast to coast is rallying its support for Vancouver's Grant Sceney who is representing Canada in the World Class contest in London, England right now. Earlier today, Grant smashed through the speed round and is now in the final six. At the time of writing, almost 100 bartenders across Canada have joined with Sceney Supporters from as far afield as Australia and Sweden to switch their profile photos on social media to Grant's to show their support.
The campaign was kickstarted by Bittered Sling/Uva's Lauren Mote:

He represents exactly what we all have been working for as Canadian bartenders to be taken seriously as a threat on the world stage. This IS national support for our bartenders. This IS the Canadian bar industry
Tomorrow is the final heat, we'll bring you all the news as soon as we get it.
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