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Get zen-like with Black + Blue's Chef Ryan Gauthier

Want to see someone get fired up? Ask them about their taste in food or music. So why not combine the two? In a regular feature we go behind the scenes to find out what chefs in the city listen to before and after their restaurants open for service. This week, Ryan Gauthier, Corporate Chef, The GLOWBAL COLLECTION, discusses what keeps the chefs at Black + Blue happy. For your listening pleasure, check out Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here while you read.

"Muuusic, makes you feel alright..." At least I believe that's the ideology behind it.
Coming from the 'burbs with a minimum one hour drive into the city, my jukebox starts when I hit the road in the morning. Mood is something we all experience and it definitely coincides with music choices.
If I have that strong cup o' joe in me, it will probably be some classic Pearl Jam or some energy boosting Kasabian. If the morning is zen-like, I'll follow suit with some old-school Pink Floyd or Radiohead.

When entering the doors of Black+Blue and smelling that Josper (mesquite charcoal fueling BBQ) work its magic, some Bob Marley is pretty fitting. With being part of the ambiance of the restaurant (in the open kitchen of The Roof at Black+Blue) we are one with the patrons and catch the tunes playing in the restaurant -- a mix of feel good classic hits.

When it's time to wrap up, something energetic is nice, getting the crew and brigade on-point with closing like the Tragically Hip or The Presets.

For the drive home, it again depends on my mood or how tired I am. If I need to be energized, I'll probably listen to some Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, or Deadmau5. Or, if I'm needing some calming energy, I'll listen to anything from Arcade Fire, Beck, Agoria, Xavier Rudd, Gorillaz, even some Mozart.
Music is another form of art that we all thrive on and appreciate -- just like food.
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