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"People will either say Vikram is brilliant or totally crazy." Name Revealed For Vij's New Concept

Plans are afoot to transport Vikram Vij's world-famous Vij's restaurant on W 11th to a new location on Cambie by the end of the year. This will be the third incarnation of Vij's after it launched twenty years ago at a 16-seat hole-in-the-wall on Broadway between Granville and Hemlock. But what will become of the 'old' Vij's? Vikram is keeping specifics close to his chest but confided in Eater that:

The only thing I'll say is that I've had the concept since I was a young child and that is what will come to the location. People will either say Vikram is brilliant or totally crazy. If you think My Shanti is a shock, just you wait. It's going to be called Mian Bawarchi which means 'Sir Cook' in Hindi, it's what my grandmother used to call me when I was learning to cook. I want it to be a big surprise and for people to say, 'What the hell happened here?!'
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