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This Week in Cascadia: Portland and Seattle's Most Anticipated Fall Openings

Welcome to Cascadia Wire, a look at restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.

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PORTLAND— After an uncharacteristically hot and sleepy summer, the Portland dining scene is gearing up for fall: Here's Eater PDX's look at the most anticipated fall openings of 2014, including (but not limited to) a downtown diner serving In-N-Out-style burgers, a traditional izakaya complete with bincho-tan charcoal grills, and a hybrid Chinese restaurant and brewery. Not happening anytime soon: The previously announced expansion of Brooklyn pizzeria Paulie Gee's is now on hold, as co-founder Adam Kuban has announced plans to open his own pizza restaurant in NYC. [-EPDX-]

SEATTLENews broke yesterday that after eight short months, Aragona, the downtown Spanish concept from Jason Stratton, is closing September 6. Best known for his successful Italian concepts Spinasse and Artusi on Capitol Hill, Stratton is bringing homemade pasta to the Aragona space, opening a new concept called Vespolina on September 8. Luckily, the

PORTLAND— Last call for fans of SE Hawthorne's charming chef's counter Evoe: The restaurant will officially close up shop on August 31. Taking its place will be a permanent restaurant for chef Ryan Roadhouse's Japanese pop-up Nodoguro, which serves a multi-course "immersive" prix-fixe at every meal. [-EPDX-]

SEATTLE— Eater Seattle uncovered its list of the city's 14 Most Anticipated Fall Restaurant Openings, including a slew of exciting projects on track to open between now and November. Here's details about a French-Vietnamese concept from a chef that's new to Seattle, a taco shop from one of the city's best-known restauranteurs, and more. [-ESEA-]