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James Island Wants $75M; Telus Garden Construction

Here's the latest real estate and neighbourhood news from our friends over at Curbed Vancouver:
OUT OF TOWN— Located just a short boat ride from Victoria, James Island is a 780-acre private island that wants a whopping $75 million. It is the second largest privately owned island within the Gulf Islands and has quite the history. This way for more.

DOWNTOWN— In the midst of whisperings that there are major delays at the Telus Garden office tower construction, the project's architect Henriquez Partners took to the internet to share a few images of the curved glass pavilion that will canopy over along Georgia Street. Do have a look.

NORTH VANCOUVERThis Deep Cove home has taken yet another price cut - this time they are slicing $1M off the list price which brings the asking price down to $7,800,000. Why won't this place sell?