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Damn Straight, America: "When You Have Free Healthcare You Can Eat Whatever You Want"

And now for a treat, in which Americans try Canadian snacks on Buzzfeed. First things first, America, no, we don't pronounce Ho-Hos as 'Who-Whos' and yikes, so All Dressed Chips are a little bit of an acquired taste but saying 'Everyone thinks Canadians are bland and you're proving it with your chip game" is just plain mean and not how we do things here in Canada. Fortunately, things pick up for the snacks of the True North - spoiler alert: no one can resist the all-out awesomeness of poutine or maple candy. As one of the snack-testers whoops when he gets his first bite of Nanaimo Bar 'That shit is so good!" You're welcome, America.
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