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Ottawa Bar Refuses Best Bar in Canada Nomination

Photo: Union Local 613/Facebook

An Ontario bar is snubbing their nomination for enRoute's Best Bar in Canada, a contest in association with Molson-Coors Rickard's, claiming in an interview with the Ottawa Citizen that they "took exception to the fact that [Rickard's and enRoute] felt that it was a privilege to be associated with their brands without asking us if we wanted our brand to be associated with that." We asked fellow nominee Victoria's Little Jumbo, for their reaction. Owner Shawn Soole: "I think everyone has their right to run their business the way they see fit. If they don't want the publicity then that's fine, it's their thing. Who sponsors the awards, the events whatever personally is inconsequential. I am not going to have people coming into Little Jumbo looking for Ricard's or whatever the sponsor and I wouldn't think people reading it would see it that way either. A restaurant wouldn't say no to a Michelin star because the chef preferred other tires.
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