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The Parker's Curtis Luk is New Chef at Bambudda

Photo via Katie Huisman

Exciting news reaches us from Gastown that Bambudda's new chef will be no other than Curtis Luk. Previously chef at The Parker, ex-Top Chef alumnus Luk wrote a Chef's Manifesto for Eater which should give some sign as to what diners can expect and judging from a recent tweet "So cooking meat is like riding a bicycle, thank goodness" we can imagine that Luk's vegetarian-only days are behind him.
The Parker's co-owner Steve da Cruz told Eater:

We have a very strong team already in place and Curtis has helped make a gentle transition to Bambudda in Gastown seamlessly. We had a wonderful time together and I really look forward to seeing him succeed. Our menu will continue to deliver the standard we've created for ourselves and look forward to improving even more.
No news yet on who his replacement will be other than they will be starting in October. And still no new on Bambudda's bartender replacement for Buck Friend who began his new job at Abigail's Party this week. Watch this space for news.
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