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Kelowna's Salted Brick Launches Weekly Family Dinner; New Brunch at Upstairs

MAIN STREET—  Another week and another brunch launch, this time it's Upstairs at Campagnolo which will be open from Saturday serving brunch from 1030a.m till 2p.m. on weekends and holidays. On the menu, chef Nathan Lowey is serving up "hearty comfort foods with an emphasis on fresh baked pastries and bread, house made sausage and bacon, and locally sourced seasonal ingredients" which translates into sticky buns, free range fried chicken and biscuits, house smoked wild BC salmon Benedict, and the 'Dirty Burger'. [EW]

KELOWNA— Launching on September 24, ex-Vancouver chef Jason Leizert will be hosting regular Wednesday night family-style dinners at his new venture, the Salted Brick for the are-you-sure-that's-right-price of $25 for what looks like a five course menu. Buy tickets here. [EW]