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Cheers From Levykh For The Fat Badger; Gill Anxious To Return to Chef Tony's

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The Globe's Alexandra Gill goes to Richmond and swoons over dim sum at Chef Tony's calling it "a flashy beacon of the new Chinese economy with boldly flavoured, exquisitely prepared Guangdong cuisine to match." Dishes may "arrive all at once in no discernible order" but when they do it's all good: an egg sponge cake is "light, airy and impossibly tall", pastry on a mixed mushrooms baked tart is "so buttery it leaves a glistening sheen on your lips" and chicken wings stuffed with goose liver and sticky rice is "another sterling example of exquisite technique." Gill advises that you "skip most of the noodle dishes" but is "anxious to go back" awarding it 3/4.

Good dining too for the Westender's Anya Levykh at the Fat Badger this week where she declares "cheers to the new Brits on the block" and awards them 4/5. Bangers are "rich, coarse, and earthy, " the "Gargantuan deep-fried zucchini blossoms (with stems attached) are excellent" and a trio of mini Yorkshire puddings are "stuffed with succulent roast beef, gravy, and a horseradish crème fraîche that gives enough zing to counteract the buttery richness of the dish."
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