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Save on Meats Mark Brand Facing Multiple Lawsuits

Photo Via Speakers' Spotlight

Save on Meats Mark Brand is facing multiple lawsuits, according to Business in Vancouver who write that court documents show that Brand is being sued for $324,000 by restaurant supplier Sysco Canada, Cintas Canada for $21,077 and two small-claims cases. Documents also show that Save On Meats has made arrangements to pay back a total of $407,495 in taxes in arrears. Brand has filed counter suits for all these claims. BiV writes:

None of the allegations in these lawsuits have been proven in court. Brand nevertheless says all the lawsuits are without merit and he is confident he will win."We're really good operators and we're really honest, but we also won't be bullied," Brand said. "So I will never back down from a legal position."
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