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Eater Interviews

ARC Chef Dana Hauser: We Want To Take Risks

Your Guide to Shirakawa's $100 Kuroge Wagyu Steak

Fat Badger's Neil Taylor: I'll Use Canadian Ingredients and Make British Gastro-Pub Dishes

Chef Matthew Stowe: Top Chef Canada Has Done Amazing Things for Chefs in This Country

Celebrating its First Anniversary Longtail Kitchen's Angus An: We Didn't Want Another Maenam

Blue Water Cafe's Evelyn Chick: Bartending? I Can't Imagine A Better Job

Vegas Chef Rick Moonen: Vancouver is Always Impressive

Blacktail Florist Chef Jimmy Stewart: Let's Find Out What Canadian Food Is

Top Chef Canada's Evelynn Takoff: "I'm a Strong Female Presence: I Stand my Ground and I Can be Stubborn."

David Gunawan Pt 2: I Believe Produce Should Drive The Chef - Not The Other Way Around

Vikram Vij: An Indian Food Truck Winning an EnRoute Award - We've Broken a Barrier

David Gunawan: It's About Priorities, People Pay $200 for a Canucks Ticket but Won't Pay $3 for Kale

Jefferson Alvarez: One Chef, 30 Days, 300 Dishes.

Restaurant Rescue 101 with Chef Tina Fineza

Mamie Taylor's Great Wall of Chinatown

Joe Fortes Chef Wayne Sych Talks Burgers and Dense Buns